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Little or shall I say ED SHEERAN CONCERT RANT!
Okay so this will be a long long rant, so therefore bare with me please <333 Alright so I’ve never been to a concert tbh, & this is my very first time. So for the past month 97.3 or shall I say Radio Alice has been announcing on the radio of this event called “SummerThing” whereas every summer they host a FREE CONCERT in San Francisco’s golden gate park. Basically my cousin slept over so she can go & she did go with me & I am happy she did, but of course we planned to go super early! Like around 7 or 8 because alot of people would be there and whereas last year not alot of people knew of Ed that much but this year. God Jesus. The whole population is insane about him lol. We woke up around 6, packing and getting ready… but my parents said that it was too too early & that no one is going to be there, but we told them that it’s going to be crowded as hell but they didn’t believe is so we ended up leaving around 9, then went to pick up my friend and arrived in San Fran… Around 10:30. We got a tiny bit lost around the park since there’s different areas, this one was called Sharon Meadows. As soon as we arrived we noticed a huge HUGE MAHOOSIVE line and we got a bit pissed. The line went on for about an hour or 2 and I forgot to mention how the weather was crap and it was raining…. Okay moving onto the concert. Ed wasn’t the only one performing in fact when the gates were open, there were so much people! Also forgot to mention that there are no seats.. And you have to bring your own blankets. Okay anyways, we laid our blankets about in the center of the field, somewhat closer to the stage & like I said Ed wasn’t the only one performing. The first acts to perform was Finish Ticket(Honestly this band was sick, loved them! Especially the lead singer. They’re from the bay so they’re local.) While they were still performing my cousin & my friend & I decided to move up to the front. (It was crowded as hell, even when we got there) so it was impossible to get in. But anyways we still managed to get through halfway. Once they were done a singer from New Zealand named Ginny blackmore(my new fave) performed and the crowd was getting bigger and bigger(claustrophobic). It was starting to rain of course. Once she was done Sara Bereiles was on! Although I couldn’t quite enjoy her performance because more new people came and starting to push through the crowds! By the time she was done there was a little break in between acts & we tried pushing through the crowd(actually made 3 new friends while doing so LOL) but they helped us try to get to the front and every time someone left we would try to move up front! Times goes by and were waiting for Ed.. Which turns out to be an Hour or 2 of waiting because he flight got delayed D; We were actually afraid that he wouldn’t come anymore.. But as time flew by the beautiful ginger soul appeared! The crowd pushed to the front even more and thankfully I got pushed to the front a tiny bit haha. So many annoying people tried making excuses that their friends were in the front even though we knew that they were lying… But wahtevs(I’d do that anyway Lol) I was sooooo happy yet wild when the first song he performed was GIVE ME LOVE. Ugh. I almost fainted. Although I didn’t get to stay for the last song which was A Team, I’m still happy that I was apart of this experience and that I was on the same grounds and breathing the same air as Ed. Lol sounds creepy. I really hope to see you Bay Area peeps next year & go! Just make sure to go early. & As of today and right now, I am literally suffering from concert postpartum depression. :( & I also have videos of Ed and some clips of finish ticket & Ginny, which I will post soon when I get it, but sadly none for Sara :((( anyways enjoy your day or night & I will rant again soon

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    BTW This was yesterday Sunday, June 23rd. :)